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The Malaysia Ministry of Health reported one malaria case in a Bangladeshi citizen working on the construction site of CB1 Line, SUKE Highway project, Ampang, Hulu Langat, Selangor on May 20.

This is a female Anopheles albimanus mosquito taking a blood meal. Some Crithidia parasites are known to parasitize anopheline mosquitoes.

Following the reporting of the case, the Hulu Langat PKD conducted an active case detection activity at a nearby construction site and housing park. So far 3,017 people have been screened through blood slide tests.

As a result of this screening, ten (10) people were found to be infected with malaria and all were non-citizens. At the same time, three (3) cases were detected at a nearby health facility: two (2) foreign nationals and one Malaysian citizen.

This resulted in the total number of cases detected being 14 cases comprising Indonesians (9), Bangladesh (3), Nepal (1) and Malaysia (1). All cases were admitted to the hospital for further treatment and confirmed.

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The last case was reported on June 12, 2020 and currently the malaria incident is under control.

As a precautionary measure and control, the Hulu Langat PKD has conducted residual toxic spraying at all workers’ homes (193 units) and has provided protection to workers through the distribution of 340 treated mosquitoes. In addition, water reservoirs in the construction site and where the larvae were found were poisoned by the larvae. Malaria control activities were also extended to nearby housing areas. Residents in this area have been provided with health education on malaria infection prevention methods.