By NewsDesk  @infectiousdiseasenews

The Malaysia Ministry of Health reports today there are there are 14 newly reported COVID-19 cases.


As previously announced, the first wave of Coronavirus 2019 (COVDI-19) outbreaks in Malaysia that accounted for 22 positive cases of COVID-19.

After 11 days of no recent reports, the second wave began on February 27, 2020. For the second wave to Mar. 4, there were as many as 28 positive COVID-19 cases that were reported.

This makes the number of positive cases of COVID-19 in Malaysia a total of 50 cases.

Concerning the second wave, there is one COVID-19 cluster that is well known. This cluster involves the 26th positive case. Based on the conditions and ordering of contacts that have been carried out so that now, there are 215 meeting contacts that are known. Rather than the number of contact meetings, 16 contacts were positive for COVID-19, 19 were negative and 180 awaited decision.

It was found that five cases were meeting contacts to several positive cases among the 16 cases (contact meeting of the 26th cases).

This makes the number of positive cases for this cluster a total of 21 cases (ie the 30th case to the 50th case).