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Through June 17, Malaysia health officials have reported 54,139 total dengue cases, an increase of 149.6% compared to the 21,688 cases reported during the same period in 2022.


A total of 39 deaths due to dengue fever complications have been reported compared to 15 deaths for the same period in 2022.

The health ministry reports the number of dengue hotspots this week continues to increase with 110 hotspot localities reported compared to 95 hotspot localities during the previous week. Of the 110 hotspot localities reported, 84 localities are in Selangor, 14 localities in WPKL & Putrajaya, each four (4) localities in Kedah and Penang, three (3) localities in Sabah and one (1) locality in Perlis.

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Monitoring at the National Dengue Operations Center found the number of cases of dengue fever is high and has the potential to continue to increase if there is no preventive measures are taken by all parties including community members.

As a proactive measure, check every container inside and outside the house as well make sure there is no water reservoir for Aedes mosquitoes to breed. Make sure the item is worn which are not used for example used tires, used buckets, used paint cans and others are disposed of prudently. Ensure gutters and rainwater drainage not blocked by rubbish causing water to stagnate and becomes a place where Aedes lay eggs.