Malaysia has had a heavy season with dengue fever in 2015, reporting an approximate increase in cases at 30 percent compared to last year. In addition, the dengue fatalities have almost doubled.

map of Malaysia

To date, Malaysian health officials put the total case count at more than 63,000, including 165 deaths.

Now the central health authority is going after local authorities for failing to “combat dengue”. According to Health Minister Datuk Seri Dr S. Subramaniam, “We have given enough time for the local authorities to tackle dengue cases and waste management issues since last year, but they failed to do so.

“We are taking action to show that the ministry is serious on this matter, particularly in solving the dengue problem in the country,” he told a press conference here today.

This will involve the issuance of summons to local authorities.

“They (the local authorities) should take the dengue epidemic seriously, the worst in the country’s history. They should see who breaks the law and take stern action”, the health minister added.