The Malaysia Ministry of Health (MOH) is advising the public regarding Thymos Anti-HFMD / Flu Spray product that claims to provide full defense against the Hand Foot and Mouth Disease (HFMD) and Influenza A virus.

Thymos brand Anti-HFMD / Flu Spray Image/Malaysia MOH
Thymos brand Anti-HFMD / Flu Spray
Image/Malaysia MOH

This product is made up of activated minerals and the manufacturer has clearly labeled it to kill immediately 99.99% HFMD and Influenza A viruses. This product is for outdoor use and method of use is to spray the product on shirts, surfaces, games and even masks.

Currently, the company is found to have an unsubstantiated anti-HFMD claim because there is no strong evidence that such claims are effective as labeled. However, since this product is not directly used in humans, the product is not under the control of the MOH and there is no need to register under the relevant agency under the MOH.

Due to the need to ensure that people are not confused, especially when the HFMD infections that hit the country, the company has been advised to issue Anti-HFMD / Flu claims for the market in Malaysia and replace with more general and appropriate claims on product labels to avoid confusion with the public.

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MOH wishes to remind the public not to believe in the medical claims made on this product. The public is advised to practice five (5) key points in the prevention and control of HFMD, namely:

Personal hygiene care;
Proper hand washing practices;
Environmental hygiene care;
Inspection / screening at entrance (gatekeeping screening) taska / tabika / kindergarten / pre-school; and
Disinfect or disinfect contaminated surfaces.