In a follow-up on a human rabies case reported in late November in Sarawak, Malaysia, health officials say the 21-year-old man from Kuching died Tuesday from Rabies Encephalomyelitis at Sarawak General Hospital.

The death of the new rabies case makes it 13 deaths out of 14 rabies cases among people in Sarawak since the declaration of the outbreak on June 30, 2017. Meanwhile, one (1) more cases were still being treated at home with neurological complications.

Rabies: What You Need to Know

Through December 4, 2018, the State Government of Sarawak has declared 54 areas in 11 Divisions in Sarawak as a region of rabies infection among animals. Only Limbang is a rabies-free area.


Image/Malaysia MOH
Image/Malaysia MOH