By NewsDesk  @infectiousdiseasenews

The Malaysia Ministry of Health (MOH) reported an additional 110 new cases of coronavirus disease, or COVID-19 cases today, bringing the country total to 5,182.

The death toll increased by one as a 66-year-old Malaysian citizen with a history of heart disease and hypertension died at the Kuala Lumpur Hospital Wednesday. This brings the total fatalities to 84.

Health officials note senior citizens were found to be affected by the COVID-19 outbreak, where there were many cases of COVID-19 infections and deaths among the over 60s. Older people are a high risk group for complications and deaths due to COVID-19 infection due to age and chronic conditions. This is a global issue facing countries affected by the outbreak.

Statistics of COVID-19 deaths recorded so far show that 62.6 percent of deaths are over 60 years old. Judging from comorbidity factors, it is found that 80.7 per cent of cases of death have chronic diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, kidney disease, heart disease and other diseases.

It is found that recovery and prognosis for COVID-19 infection are better when treatment is initiated, so it is important for older people to seek treatment immediately despite having mild symptoms such as fever, cough, cold or sore throat.