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Malaysia health officials are reporting an additional human rabies case in a 61-year-old woman from Pending, Kuching, Sarawak.


The case has a history of a bite from a stray dog on April 29, 2019. It happened when she tried to drive the dog away who was always barking at her.

She washed the wound for 5 minutes and continued to seek treatment at a community clinic near her home and was given an appointment for the next week. However, she did not seek the prescribed follow-up treatment arguing that the wound on her finger had been healed.

On June 6, 2019, she began to experience pain and discomfort in the right arm. She was hospitalized at Sarawak General Hospital on 8 June 2019 and has been admitted to the Infectious Disease Ward and is given Rabies immunoglobulin (RIG). The next day, she complained of nausea, dizziness, difficulty swallowing, headaches, difficulty in swallowing water (hydrophobia), uncomfortable in the arms of the right hand and weak in the lower part of the body.

Rabies infection was confirmed through a laboratory test conducted by the Institute of Medical Research (IMR) on June 12, 2019. She died on the same day.

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Since the declaration of the rabies epidemic in Sarawak on 1 July 2017 until 12 June 2019, there have been 19 cases; including 18 deaths. Of the 19 cases, three (3) cases were reported in 2019.