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The Malaysia Ministry of Health reported 6,976 new COVID-19 cases on Sunday, making it a new daily record and bringing the country total to 512,091 cumulative cases.

Image/Robert Herriman

In addition, officials reported 49 deaths today bringing the fatality total to 2,248 cumulative. The 49 death cases today include 14 cases in Selangor, eight (8) cases in Johor, six (6) cases each in Penang and Melaka, four (4) cases in Kedah, three (3) cases in Sarawak, two (2) cases each in Sabah, Negeri Sembilan and the Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur, and one (1) case each in Kelantan and Perlis.

Yesterday, the Senior Minister of Defense has announced various strategies to further reduce movement among the community. The measures announced are among the actions that need to be taken by all parties to break the chain of COVID-19 infection, provide space for the MOH to carry out various public health control activities in the field as well as further increase operational capacity to deal with the wave of COVID-19 cases. found to be still increasing.

Nevertheless, the most important thing to determine the success of the actions introduced is compliance by various parties from all walks of life and segments. For example, employers and departments are requested to cooperate with the instructions and Standard Guidelines (SOP) issued by the National Security Council (NSC). This is to ensure that employees who come to work are in accordance with the capacity set by the Government.

The community continues to be called upon to assist the MOH in reducing the increasing number of COVID-19 cases by undergoing a Movement Control Order on their own at home, which is high self-discipline in complying with any advice and regulations issued by the Government. While given the Work at Home (BDR) leeway, do not use this opportunity to leave home for unnecessary purposes. Stay home for at least two (2) weeks of this if there is no need to go out. If you have to leave the house, follow the SOP set and protect yourself as often advised by the MOH.

MOH would like to advise the public, including individuals who have received the COVID-19 vaccine to continue to comply with the recommendations and health advice that are often emphasized, namely;

Avoid 3S: (avoid crowded, narrow areas and chat at close range).

Practice 3W: (Practice Wash, Wear and Warn).

Adhere to S.O.P as the new norm. MOH will continue to monitor the development of infection in the country, as well as abroad through information obtained from the WHO. The public will always be informed of any latest developments on it. Similarly, the MOH will ensure that appropriate preventive and control measures are implemented on an ongoing basis.