Health officials in Malaysia reported on two additional confirmed Zika virus cases in sisters, one of which is pregnant, according to local media.


These are the fifth and sixth Zika cases in the country.

In a press release from the Minister of Health (computer translated), we learn that according to a study conducted by Specialist Virology at the Institute for Medical Research (IMR) on the Zika virus on the first two cases, the results show two strains, both of Asian lineage.

On the first case from Johor, the genome sequence resembles the  French Polynesia strain while the genome sequence in Sabah in the second case resembles the genome sequence of a local strain seen in Malaysia called Micronesia.

At least 79 suspect cases have tested negative for Zika.

Lastly, the issue of abortion and Zika is a topic in Malaysia and the Health Ministry will be meeting with the National Fatwa Council next week to discuss on medical advice for pregnant women infected with the Zika virus, Datuk Seri Dr S.Subramaniam said.

“The Cabinet has instructed the ministry to discuss the matter after taking scientific and Islamic perspectives into consideration. “Our stand on abortion is that it is only allowed if there is a risk to the pregnant mothers,” the health minister said.