By NewsDesk  @bactiman63

The Malaysia Ministry of Health reported Thursday an additional human rabies case in Sarawak province.

The latest victim is a 34-year-old woman. She was admitted to Sibu Hospital on Oct. 12 with weakness in both legs for five days before being admitted to the ward. The case passed away on Oct 18 with a diagnosis of rabies encephalitis. It was laboratory confirmed the next day.

It is believed that the victim was bitten by her own unvaccinated dog.

This is the fourth human rabies case in Sarawak in 2020 and the 26th case since a rabies outbreak was declared in Sarawak on 31 July 2017.

The Ministry of Health reminds the public to take preventative measures such as the following to avoid rabies:

Wash the parts of the body bitten by a dog or other animal with running water and soap for 15 minutes to eliminate the impression of saliva;

Get immediate treatment at a nearby health clinic or hospital if bitten by an aggressive pet animal or stray dog;

Make sure the pet dog has received an anti-rabies injection at the nearest animal clinic and avoid mixing it with wild dogs or animals;

If your dog or cat is found to have changed behavior, including being aggressive, get treatment immediately at an animal clinic and report to the Veterinarian Services Office nearby;

Report to the Local Authority if there are stray dogs roaming in the area of ​​residence; and
Always maintain a high level of personal hygiene such as the practice of washing hands properly using water and soap after touching a pet animal.