The Minister of Health and Public Hygiene issued, Tuesday, Oct. 28, 2014, a tribute to the authorities and health personnel in the region of Kayes for their readiness in support of the single confirmed case of the disease Ebola virus recorded on Thursday 23 October, according to a Ministry of Health and Public Hygiene release (computer translated).

Mali map/CIA
Mali map/CIA

On a visit Tuesday, Oct. 28 in the City of Rails, the Minister of Health and Public Hygiene was carrying a message of solidarity to the Head of State and Government to authorities and health personnel Kayes who promptly detected and supported the girl reached the Ebola virus disease. It was also the Minister to inquire into the measures taken to contain the spread of the epidemic in this region of the country.

A Kayes health worker at Quartier Plateau referred the grandmother and 2-year-old child who was sickened with Ebola to the Fousseyni Daou Hospital.

This visit was marked by four highlights: the encounter with the traditional authorities and religious leaders; meeting with managers and technical and financial partners involved in the cause; site visits care of suspected cases and the exchange with the contact person under observation.

The regional governor, Colonel Salif Traoré, took stock of the epidemiological situation in the region which, according to him, is relatively quiet. For him, the serenity of the population is due to the efforts of the health authorities and the medical staff of the hospital Fousseyni Daou Kayes who have taken all measures to contain the situation.

According to the governor, Kayes had his device prevention for months. A Diboli border town between Mali and Senegal, is built for months, a center for isolation and treatment. With the declaration of a confirmed case in Kayes, another center for isolation and treatment is added to the existing system. The new center is located on the outskirts of the city while the hospital houses an observation center for suspected cases and another center for people contacts for observation.

For the governor, the combined efforts of the team dispatched on site by the Ministry of Health and Public Hygiene and the Regional Hospital Kayes has to master the situation at the date of Tuesday, October 28, 57 people contacts have been identified and placed under observation; all useful for the understanding of the disease have distilled information; the gear used by the patient was immobilized and disinfected.

Speaking of contact persons for observation, the governor said it is not a measure of discrimination against them, but rather an individual and collective security measure .