Health authorities in Mali have identified a new suspect cases of infection with Ebola virus, said a spokesman for the Ministry of Health, prompting Mali police in Bamako to lock down a clinic in an upscale there, according to a MaliJet report (computer translated).


No additional information has been provided at this stage.

Mali, where a two year old girl died on October 24 with the disease after staying in Guinea, became the sixth African countries affected by the epidemic. Mali has not recorded any cases since then and 108 people linked to the girl were due to complete their 21-day quarantine period on Tuesday.

“We must remain vigilant and strengthen oversight and the ability to provide health response to any new cases, especially as Mali shares 800 km of border with Guinea,” said Monday the representative of the World Organization health Organization (WHO), Ibrahima Fall Soce.

A total of 13,241 confirmed, probable, and suspected cases of EVD and 4,950 deaths have been reported up to the end of the 4 November by the Ministries of Health of Liberia and Sierra Leone, and 3 November by the Ministry of Health of Guinea.

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