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In a follow-up on the Marburg Virus Disease (MVD) outbreak in Equatorial Guinea, World Health Organization Director General Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus provided an update on the situation in his opening remarks at a media briefing yesterday:

Marburg Virus Disease in Equatorial Guinea where in the last week, two healthcare workers that had contracted the virus were discharged from a WHO supported treatment center.

Equatorial Guinea map/CIA

There has now been a total of 16 laboratory-confirmed MVD cases. Among these cases, 11 people have died.

23 probable cases of MVD have also been reported since the outbreak was declared on 13 February.

The most affected district is Bata in Litoral province, where nine cases have been reported.

Today a new case was reported in a health worker from Bata who was being monitored due to exposure from a previous case.

The case was detected on the day of disease onset and they were given antiviral therapy via government protocol, which is being supported by WHO.

WHO calls on all partners to remain vigilant as there may be undetected chains of transmission in the country.

With partners, WHO is supporting the Ministry of Health to strengthen surveillance, in affected areas, and increase laboratory capacity.

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We’re also working together to improve case management; infection prevention and control, protect health and care workers, conduct safe and dignified burials, as well as engaging with the community around risk and staying safe.

WHO is working with neighbouring countries to help prepare for any importation.

This is a critical moment in the outbreak response in Equatorial Guinea, and it will take an all of government and all of society effort to stop this outbreak.

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