Officials with the Florida Department of Health in Martin County reported Friday that since the beginning of the year there have been 13 confirmed cases in Martin County.

Martin County, FL Image/David Benbennick
Martin County, FL
Image/David Benbennick

The Florida Department of Health considers a community “high risk” when the confirmed number of cases reaches 5. Martin County reached high risk status with 5 confirmed cases as of Monday, April 1.

Hepatitis A is a contagious liver disease usually spread person to person through objects, food or drink that are contaminated by small amounts of fecal matter from a person with Hepatitis A.

Health officials advise the public to seek medical attention if any person experiences symptoms of illness, contact a healthcare provider or primary care physician with questions or concerns, exercise good hygiene – handwashing for a minimum of 20 seconds, after using the bathroom and before preparing or eating food and lastly, get vaccinted.

The Hepatitis A vaccine is available in the community via health care providers and local pharmacies.

Statewide, the outbreak total is now 1239 since it started in 2018.