Since the first Zika virus infection was confirmed on the Caribbean island of Martinique in Dec. 2105, health authorities put the clinical case count at 10,950, with the addition of some 1700 cases reported in week 9, 2016 (computer translated).


In Martinique, laboratory confirmation for Zika virus is now reserved for pregnant women. Since the emergence of the virus on the island, 63 pregnant women have been confirmed with the virus.

In addition, two patients with Guillain-Barré syndrome (GBS) have been reported.

No deaths have been attributed to Zika virus.

Elsewhere in the region, French Guiana, a country on South America’s North Atlantic coast, has reported 1850 Zika virus cases, including 142 confirmed.

The vast majority of cases are reported coastal areas–Sector West, Sector Kourou and Cayenne Island.

On the Caribbean islands of Guadeloupe, 717 clinical Zika cases have been reported and 77 confirmed, while on St. Martin, 129 clinical cases and 20 confirmed have been reported.