Before submitting a research proposal, it is imperative to gather some details on how to write a reliable research proposal. If you have no idea about how to write a research proposal, then there is nothing to worry, as it’s normal to be a little uncertain about where to start. There is no need to feel low, as there are many sources available on the web to help you out regarding this particular issue. Every research proposal is different from one another, but the structure of all the proposals remains the same. These research proposals may contain a number of specialized pages unique to scientific writing, but the main purpose of writing a research proposal is same as that of a business proposal. You can try in order to know all the information about how to write an effective research proposal. The purpose is to convince the readers that your project is worth their time and you have a concrete plan to carry out the project in a great fashion. You must also address them about your capabilities of completing the project on time. There are basically three questions for which you need to give the most appropriate answers. Here are those three questions;

  1. Why your project is a worthwhile project?
  2. What do you plan on studying?
  3. How are you going to carry out the research?
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Once you have found the best suitable answers to these three questions, you can move ahead and write the research proposal. I would also like to mention that a research proposal consists of three sections which are; Introduction, Methodology and Results. The first page of the research proposal will consist of a Title. You have to choose the most relevant title that makes sense to all those who will read your proposal.

Then comes the Introduction section, which is going to have an explanation about your plans to study. The first section in the Introduction page will be an Abstract page, which has a brief description of the project along with the questions you want to answer and the methods you have planned to use. Then comes the Problem Statement page, which will have a more detailed information about the questions you want to answer in your research. The next page is a Context page, which will explain the importance of this study. A Theory page is next to come, which you can miss if you intend to collect random samples or explore the topic through interviews. A Literature Review page is also important, as it will show the readers, which research topics have already been published.

The Methodology section is the next section and you have to explain how you plan on completing your study. You may require topic pages, such as participants to show who are going to participate and how you plan on selecting your subjects, questions and other things. It basically depends upon the type of research you intend to propose. Regardless of what type of research you’re proposing, you’ll need a number of Procedures pages to describe how, where, when and under what conditions you are going to accomplish the tasks.

The final section in the Research proposal is the Results section. It is quite obvious, if you are submitting a proposal for approval, then you don’t have steady results. Still, you need to explain in the Result section about the type of data you want to collect. Also, you have to explain how and when you are going to analyze and report the conclusions.

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