Mauritius health officials stating reporting sporadic measles cases in late-March 2018 and by mid-May, the measles epidemic threshold was met.


From March through late August,  808 confirmed measles cases, including three deaths (case fatality ratio 0.4%), have been reported in Mauritius.  Two districts, Port Louis and Black River, have been the most affected. T

The three reported deaths occurred among immunocompromised adults, aged between 29 and 31 years.

The National Institute for Communicable Diseases (NICD) in South Africa isolated the D8 genotype of the measles virus in a number of samples.

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During this outbreak, about 50% of the confirmed cases never received any measles containing vaccine and an additional 29% didn’t know their vaccination status.  Twenty percent of the confirmed cases received one dose of measles containing vaccine.

This outbreak comes after about a decade since the last case of measles was detected in the country in 2009.