In a follow-up on recent measles cases in Multnomah County, Oregon, health officials have confirmed that a third person with measles symptoms has tested positive for the virus.


The third individual in Multnomah County tested positive for measles July 13. This person was unvaccinated and had been in close contact with a second individual diagnosed with measles on July 6.

Multnomah County Communicable Disease Services had alerted this third individual of the exposure and asked the person to stay at home and away from others. The third individual was in daily contact with Multnomah County’s team to check for symptoms.

“Once again our measles response plan worked, thanks to another individual willing to stay away from others and call us at the first sign of symptoms,” said Multnomah County Deputy Health Officer, Dr. Jennifer Vines.

The first case in Multnomah County was confirmed in the Portland metro area — the first since 2014.

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The first individual did have vaccine records. A person who spent time with the first individual during the infectious period did not have documentation of prior immunizations. That person tested positive for measles July 6, and has remained home. However, that second individual had been in daily contact with a third individual who also did not have records of prior immunization. And that person tested positive for measles Friday, July 13.