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King County, WA

In a follow-up on the measles situation in Washington, Public Health – Seattle & King County reports investigating a new measles case with possible exposures in King County.


The King County resident, a woman in her 30s, spent time at sites in King County before she knew she was contagious.

This is the fourth King County case identified this month, bringing the total to seven recent measles cases in Washington state residents.

Hantavirus case reported in Grant County, Washington

At this point in the investigation, the information on the recent cases points to a common exposure from an unidentified person contagious with measles on April 25, 2019 at Sea-Tac International Airport, likely in the morning. Health officials have no reason to believe that there is currently an increased risk of getting measles by visiting the airport.

Locations of potential exposure to the public of this measles case in King County 

Maine reports 1st case

The Maine Center for Disease Control and Prevention reported the state’s first measles case in two years on Tuesday, the Press Herald reports.

The case was a vaccinated child from Somerset County who has fully recovered from the disease.