An update on the measles outbreaks in African countries:


The measles outbreak is ongoing in Cameroon. The number of cases started increasing since the
beginning of this year and peaked in epidemiological week 7, 2019 with 130 suspected cases reported.

Since the beginning of the year 2019, a total of 718 suspected cases were reported. The outbreak
is affecting six districts, which are: Kousseri, Mada, Goulfey, Makary, Koza et Ngaoundere rural.

Central African Republic


The measles outbreak is ongoing in three health districts (Paoua, Batangafo and Vakaga) in the country. From epidemiological week 5 to week 13, a total of 151 suspected measles cases, including 19 confirmed  were reported. Two deaths were reported.


In the week ending Apr. 7, Chad saw 1324 suspected measles cases including 16 deaths. To date
there are 10,333 suspected measles cases have been reported from 112 out of 126 districts in the country.

84 deaths (CFR 0.8%) have been reported in 31 districts.

Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC)

Measles cases continue to be reported in an increasing manner in the country.

In the week ending Apr. 7, the DRC saw 5,105 cases including 75 deaths were reported. Since the beginning of the year, 56,442 cases, including 1,023 deaths (CFR 1.81%) have been reported.

To date there are 39 health zones with confirmed epidemic. The most affected provinces are Tshopo,
Lualaba, and Upper Lomami.


The measles outbreak is ongoing in Oromia and Solami regions. To date, 136 cases have been reported.


In the week ending Apr. 15, 113 new suspected measles and 34 confirmed cases were reported. T

This year there have been 858 suspected measles cases including 356 confirmed cases and 13 deaths
(CFR 1.5%) have been reported.


In the past week 15 new cases were reported. Wajir county has reported a total of 269 cases, Tana River
county 131 cases and Kilifi county 7 cases. In total, 418 cases including 5 deaths have been reported in 2019.


Since the beginning of 2019, 748 cases have been reported across the country, including 5 deaths.


Since Oct. 2018, 124,514 measles cases, including 874 deaths have been recorded. Currently 107
out of 114 districts in the country have reported cases.


Between epi week 1 and 15, there have been 708 cumulative reported cases.


From 19 March 2018 to 10 February 2019, a total of 1,444 laboratory-confirmed cases were reported, including 4 deaths.


In epi week 13, a total of 2,113 suspected cases of measles were reported from 34 states including two deaths (CFR, 0.1%).

Cases have been reported in 2019 across all of the 36 states in the country. The most affected states are Borno, Katsina and Yobe.


Between 1 January to 5 March 2019, 228 suspected cases, of which 201 have been confirmed (epidemiologically-linked and laboratory confirmed) were reported in multiple districts. No death has been reported among confirmed cases.