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New Hampshire health officials have reported a confirmed measles case in a child from Keene.

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The source of the infection is still under investigation. The child was in the following public places during their infectious period when they could have transmitted the infection to people who are not immune to measles (i.e. those not previously infected or who have not had age-appropriate MMR vaccination):

  • The nursery (9am – 1pm) and coffee hour (11am – 2pm) at the United Church of Christ at 23 Central Square in Keene on Sunday May 12th
  • The infant/toddler room at the Keene Montessori School on 125 Railroad Street from 9am – 3pm on Thursday May 16th
  • The Walk-in Clinic at Cheshire Medical Center at 149 Emerald Street in Keene from 1pm – 5pm on Thursday May 16th

“Measles is a very contagious disease that can be spread through the air, but the vaccine for measles is very safe and effective. Anybody that believes they may have been exposed at one of the listed locations and is not vaccinated or immune should call the NH Division of Public Health Services,” said Dr. Benjamin Chan, State Epidemiologist.

“Vaccination within 72 hours of exposure can help prevent disease, but people may still benefit from vaccination even after this time period. For those who are not able to receive the vaccine due to medical reasons, there are other available treatments that can help prevent disease.”

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Anyone who went to the above locations during the specified dates and times needs to urgently review their measles vaccination or immunity status. People who are not vaccinated or immune, or have questions about their immunization status, are encouraged to contact the Division of Public Health Services (DPHS) as soon as possible.