Health officials in Victoria issued a health alert today over a foreign backpacker who tested positive for measles. It is believed that the infection was acquired overseas.


The patient attended a number of locations in and around Melbourne while infectious including:

  • Saturday 3 March – Flinders Backpackers (Elizabeth Street, Melbourne), Flinders Street Railway Station,  tram routes 16 and 96 to and from St. Kilda beach, St Kilda beach
  • Sunday 4 March – Flinders Backpackers, Coles Central (Flinders and Elizabeth St), McDonalds (Elizabeth St)
  • Monday 5 March – Flinders Backpackers, Philip Island: Nobbies Visitor Centre Café
  • Tuesday 6 March – Flinders Backpackers, Westpac bank (Elizabeth Street), Medicare office (Galleria Shopping Centre, Bourke Street)
  • Wednesday 7 March – Flinders Backpackers, multiple sites along the Great Ocean Road between Geelong and Warnambool.

As measles is highly infectious through airborne transmission, other secondary cases may occur in susceptible people. Measles has an incubation period of between seven and 18 days (average 14 days from exposure to rash) so should be considered in any susceptible person who presents with a compatible illness, with an onset date between 10 March and 25 March 2018.

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Anyone who presents with signs and symptoms compatible with measles should be tested and immediately notified to the Department on 1300 651 160. Do not wait for test results before notifying.  There should be an especially high index of suspicion if they have attended any of the areas stated above and are unvaccinated or partially vaccinated for measles.