It what seems like stating the obvious, new research from Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Boston Children’s Hospital scientists published yesterday in JAMA Pediatrics  concludes that substandard vaccination compliance is likely to blame for the 2015 measles outbreak that to date has totaled 176 people from 17 states and the District of Columbia.

Disneyland-It's a small world Image/Jonnyboyca
Disneyland-It’s a small world

130, or 74% of the cases are part of California Disneyland outbreak.

According to the study, measles, mumps and rubella (MMR) vaccination rates among the exposed population in which secondary cases have occurred might be as low at 50% and likely no higher than 86%.

Researchers point out that vaccination rates of between 96-99% are necessary to preserve herd immunity due to the extremely contagious nature of the measles virus.

In related news, the measles outbreak in the Lanaudiere region of Quebec has increased by three, bringing the total to 139 cases in the region.

Health officials there suspect the case count will continue to rise and that the cases are all linked and are all unvaccinated people.

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