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The health situation is still worrying in Sankuru, located in the center of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. This province is hit by the measles epidemic which has already killed more than 150 people. The provincial authorities are multiplying the strategies to try to contain the said epidemic.


Tony Elonge, Provincial Minister of Sankuru, announces accelerated and urgent vaccination in health zones affected by measles:

“For measles, there is already a program for the implementation of accelerated and urgent vaccination in the various health zones and there is also clinical management of cases. This program is being organized. In the days to come, it is going to be put in place”.

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Since the beginning of this year, in the space of only 4 months, more than 150 measles-related deaths have been recorded and more than 5,000 cases of the said disease reported in this part of the country.

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All 16 health zones in the province are affected by this disease. However, the health zones of Lodja and Lomela constitute the epicenter of the measles epidemic in the region.

Nationally, the Democratic Republic of the Congo has reported 57,167 suspected measles cases with 649 related deaths through March 26.

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