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In a follow-up on the measles outbreak reported in Kasaï-Oriental province, Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), the epidemic continues to spread in Kasaï-Oriental province. 18 health zones are now affected, according to the latest data from the Provincial Health Division.


In an interview given to 7SUR7.CD this Friday, May 13, 2022, Doctor Nestor Tshiteku, head of the Provincial Health Division of Kasaï-Oriental, reported that more than 800 cases of measles were recorded in the period between February and May 2022.

“We noted that since the fifteenth epidemiological week, we were at 92 cases and the seventeenth week we are at 120 cases. So since the start of the epidemic until now, we have a total of 875 cases including 5 deaths ,” said Doctor Nestor Tshiteku.

He also indicated that 18 health zones out of 19 are already affected by this epidemic, including the health zones of Miabi, Tshilundu and Tshishimbi which have reported the highest number of cases.

“It is in almost all health zones, including 18 out of 19, which have reported at least one case. You understand that there is only one health zone which so far has not yet notified and there we are strengthening epidemiological surveillance measures,” he added.