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Of the nearly 3,000 measles cases reported in the western hemisphere in 2019 to date, three-quarters of the cases were reported from the United States and Brazil accounting for 40 and 36 percent of all cases, respectively.

Western hemisphere map
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According to the Pan American Health Organization, Between 1 January and 7 August 2019, a total of 2,927 confirmed cases of measles, including one death, have been reported in 14 countries and territories of the Region of the Americas: Argentina (5 cases), the Bahamas (1 case), Brazil (1,045 cases–most in São Paulo-945 ), Canada (82 cases), Chile (4 cases), Colombia (175 cases), Costa Rica (10 cases), Cuba (1 case), Curaçao (1 case), Mexico (3 cases), Peru (2 cases), the United States of America (1,172 cases), Uruguay (9 cases), and the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela (417 cases).

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In 2018, Brazil and Venezuela accounted for the highest proportion of confirmed cases in the region.