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In a follow-up report on the measles situation in the Philippines this year to date, the Philippines Department of Health’s Epidemic-prone Disease Case Surveillance (EDCS) reports in the month of January 2023, a 638% increase in measles cases compared to the same period in 2022.


From January 1 to January 28, 2023, 59 measles cases were reported, up from the eight cases reported during the same period last year.

Some regions have reported significant increases during this first month of 2023– Zamboanga Peninsula (Region IX) has seen 13 cases in January 2023, compared to zero last year.

Calabarzon (Region IVA) reports seven cases compared to zero in January 2022.

Other regions reporting increases in measles early on into 2023 include the Ilocos Region (Region I) reporting eight cases vs 2 last year, Central Luzon (8 vs 1) and the National Capital Region (4 vs 0).