About a month after the Italian government made childhood vaccines compulsory for the country’s schools, some regions in the country’s north are challenging the decree, according to a Local.it report.


The regional government in Veneto said on Tuesday that its lawyers were preparing to challenge the decree in Italy’s Constitutional Court, and that the legal challenge would be ready in around two weeks.

One regional governor explained that they were not against vaccines, just making them mandatory.

Italy’s health minister, Beatrice Lorenzin pushed for the law in light of the measles outbreak in the country.

One regional governor in the Northern League, Luca Zaia said, “Here, coverage was at 92.4 percent in 2016, thanks to information given to families at every level. No to sanctions, yes to informed decisions by moms and dads!”

Through June 11, Italy has reported 2,988 confirmed measles cases in 2017. Of that number, 89 percent of those infected were unvaccinated.