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The State Department of Health (Sesa) in Ceará state in northeastern Brazil has confirmed the first measles case in 16 months.


The case, a 3-year-old child, was reported in July in the municipality of Massapê, about 244 km from Fortaleza.

Health officials also note that the child had no history of travel or contact with a traveler. The vaccination status of the child was not noted; however, the State recommends the early vaccination of babies aged 6 to 11 months, to protect them from an eventual outbreak of the virus.

In June, Sesa had suspended the application of the so-called “zero dose” of the triple viral in babies under 1 year, a measure that was emergency and temporary. According to the National Vaccination Calendar, the triple is only applied at 12 months (D1) and at 15 months of life (D2).

Pediatrician Vanuza Chagas had already warned that “children are the most susceptible to complications and sequelae of measles” and that, therefore, it is necessary to keep the vaccination schedule complete and updated.