In a follow-up on the measles situation in New South Wales, NSW Health reports on a third infectious measles case in the Christmas-New Year period.

A child visiting from overseas developed measles symptoms while visiting NSW on Christmas Eve. Prior to being diagnosed with measles and isolated the child visited the several locations. People who were at these locations at the same time as the child may be at risk of developing measles up to January 18:

Thursday 27 December
Chatswood Medical and Dental Centre, 7 – 8pm
Thursday 27 December
Chatswood Mall, including Chemist Warehouse, late afternoon
Friday 28 December
Oakvale Winery, Pokolbin, 5 – 6pm
Saturday 29 December
Dinner at Bimbadgen Winery, Pokolbin, 6:30 – 8pm
Sunday 30 December
Chatswood Medical and Dental Centre, 3-4pm
Monday 31 December- New Year’s Day
Royal North Shore Emergency Department, 11pm – 1am

People are at risk of measles if they are exposed to an infectious case, and have never had measles, or have not received two doses of measles containing vaccine. Two doses of measles containing vaccine provide lifelong protection against infection in 99 percent of people.