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Interim governor, Afani Idrissa Mangala confirmed Friday there is a measles outbreak in Kunda health zone in Kasongo territory in southern Maniema.

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Democratic Republic of the Congo/CIA

Mangala reports, “the Kunda health zone in Kasongo territory has already reported 458 cases and 17 deaths from measles.”

Idrissa Mangala stresses that a sample had been sent to the National Institute of Biomedical Research (INBR) which after examination, confirmed the existence of the disease in the aforementioned health zone.

“After analysis carried out by the INRB, on the samples taken in the Bikenge health area, the epidemic was confirmed. In view of the above, we declare the measles epidemic in the province of Maniema and seek the support of the central government and partners, ” he added.

As a reminder, in Bikenge in the same health zone, an unknown disease has killed around ten children under 5 years old.