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The Ministry of Health and Social Development in Red Sea State in northeast Sudan announced an outbreak of measles in the state.

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The Acting Director of the Expanded Program on Immunization, Sarah Sayed Mahmoud announced that 378 cases have been reported, in addition to a death, stressing the need to take care of vaccination during the days of the campaign.

Sarah announced the completion of all technical and administrative procedures to launch the revitalizing measles vaccination campaign, which will start on the 12th and 17th of this month for a period of six days, in the locality of Port Sudan, adding that the campaign targets (141654) children from 6 months to 10 years old, in the centers, hospitals, kindergartens and schools.

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Measles is a very contagious disease caused by a virus. It spreads through the air when an infected person coughs or sneezes. In fact, the measles virus can stay in the air for up to two hours after an infected person was there. People may be infected by simply being in a room where an infected person once was. It is so contagious that if one person has it, up to 90% of the people around him or her will also become infected if they are not protected.

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