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Health officials in South Africa report four laboratory-confirmed measles have been reported in the City of Cape Town from 24 January 2023 to 17 February 2023.

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Even though all the lab-confirmed measles were investigated, no epidemiological link could be established.  The cases meet the South African measles outbreak criteria based on the 2015 EPI Surveillance Manual.

A confirmed measles outbreak, according to WHO-AFRO, is defined as the occurrence of three or more confirmed measles cases (at least two of which should be laboratory-confirmed; IgM positive) in a health facility/district / sub-district (approximate catchment population of 100 000) in a month.

South Africa: Measles cases top 500 since October 2022

Measles presents with fever, malaise, cough, conjunctivitis, and a runny nose. A maculopapular non-itchy, the non-vesicular rash appears on the face, neck, trunk, and limbs, usually on day four of the illness.  Other measles complications are pneumonia, scarring of the cornea (kerato-conjunctivitis), and rarely encephalitis. Measles is highly infectious and spreads rapidly from person to person. Persons of any age who are not vaccinated can catch measles. Measles vaccines are given routinely at 6 and 12 months of age. It is never too late to vaccinate against measles.