A measles outbreak at the Hospital de Santo António, in Porto, Portugal has been reported by the Directorate-General for Health this week, according to a Jornal de Noticias report (computer translated).


There are currently seven confirmed cases, including five health workers infected. Three are hospitalized, one in serious situation. There are 32 other cases under investigation.

The report notes that “Patient Zero” is a 27-year-old man who is clinically cured, has contracted the disease in France. On February 26, she had the first symptoms (rash, internal cheek stains, muscle aches and tiredness) and was not vaccinated.

Graça Freitas made a strong call for vaccination because “the disease mainly affects unvaccinated people.” He called on parents not to delay the vaccination at 12 months and 5 years and asked “a lot of attention to health professionals,” who should receive two doses of vaccine regardless of the year of birth.

Europe measles cases up 400 percent in 2017