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Kasai-Oriental province

The measles epidemic is resurfacing in Kasai-Oriental province. It was declared in the Miabi health zone on Tuesday, February 08, 2022.


The provincial minister of health in Kasaï-Oriental, doctor Célestin Kadima Lufuluabo who confirmed it, indicates that in total 7 cases out of 22 suspects of this epidemic were recorded in the health zone of Miabi.

22 suspected cases have been identified in the Miabi health zone, within the child population, of which the first 9 samples were taken and sent to the INRB laboratory in Kinshasa, which confirmed 7 positive cases of measles. Faced with this situation, the Provincial Government through its Ministry in charge of Health declares from this day, an epidemic of measles in the Miabi area,” he said.

The provincial Minister of Health has also reassured that all measures are taken to eradicate this epidemic.

The technical services of the Provincial Health Division as well as all our technical and financial partners are already on the ground. I invite the population of the health zone of Miabi in particular, that of the province of Kasaï-Oriental in general, to respect the hygiene and prevention measures, the vaccination schedule and to present themselves at the nearest health center. loved one if the child has the following telltale signs: fever, diarrhea, and skin rash,” he urged.

It should also be noted that the province of Kasaï-Oriental had not recorded any case of measles in 2021.

The measles epidemic is declared in the province of Sud-Ubangi in the north-west of the Democratic Republic of Congo.

The provincial minister of health of Sud-Ubangi, Malachie Adugbia Likundu, who confirms it to the local press this Monday, February 07, 2022, specifies that this disease has reappeared in 4 health zones namely: Gemena, Budjala, Bulu and Ndage.

The ministerial health authority in this Congolese province says it is waiting for reports from these health zones to communicate the statistics of new cases identified.

He adds that arrangements are underway to launch vaccination against measles in these 4 health zones of Sud-Ubangi in order to protect the population from this disease.

It should be recalled that the measles epidemic continues to resurface in the province of Sud-Ubangi.

Recently, this disease was declared in the health zones of Gemena and Bogose Nubea. But it was brought under control by the health authorities of Sud-Ubangi, supported by their partners, in particular the organization Médecins sans frontières.

New cases have just been recorded in four health zones out of the 16 in the Provincial Health Division (DPS) in Sud-Ubangi.

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