In a follow-up on the measles outbreak in Ukraine, the Center for Public Health of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine reports there was a significant decrease in the incidence of measles last week.


According to health officials, the operational data in the 33rd week of 2018, 615 people were infected with measles – 301 adults and 314 children. This is 20.23% less than in the previous week.

Since the beginning of the year, 29,444 people have been infected with measles – 12,020 adults and 17,424 children.

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Most people suffered from measles in Lviv (only 5,743 people: 1,812 adults and 3,831 children), Zakarpattya (total 2,981 people: 553 adults and 4228 children), Ivano-Frankivsk region (only 2,731 people: 781 adults and 1 950 children), Odesa (totaling 2,325 people: 1,174 adults and 1,515 children), Kyiv (only 2,044 people: 1,276 adults and 768 children) and Ternopil (only 1,580 people: 615 adults and 965 children)

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From the beginning of the year, thirteen people died of complications of measles: nine children and four adults.