The Ministry of Health in the West Darfur State of Sudan says 10 cases of measles have been confirmed in the region since the detection of the disease on June 2.

Sudan map/CIA
Sudan map/CIA

West Darfur director of the Vaccination Department Abdallah Omar said the 10 patients were among 90 suspected cases that have since been isolated for testing and precautionary treatment.

The source of the outbreak remains unknown. The ministry said it was spreading rapidly through the El Geneina, Kereinik and Forro Baranga local government areas.

Most of the affected are children aged 2 years and below. Omar said the government has activated disaster response measures and urged all parents with children in the affected age category to present them for vaccination at local clinics.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Health in Red Sea State in eastern Sudan says 2 people have died of an unknown disease that presents fever-like symptoms.

Over 120 others who have been infected are being attended to in various medical centres in the Suakin local government area.

The ministry said the fever, which causes dizziness, headaches and pain on the joints, is likely caused by mosquitoes. Investigations are still underway to determine the cause and source of the disease.