With so much attention on the measles outbreak in the northwest, it became easy to overlook the measles outbreaks we were monitoring prior to the New Year.


In Rockland County, NY, the outbreak total continues to rise and as of today, the total measles cases has reached 128 since late September.

In Brooklyn, there have been 64 confirmed cases of measles in the Orthodox Jewish community  since October.  The bulk of the cases have been reported in Borough Park and Williamsburg.

Measles in the United States 2018: 2nd most cases since 2000

The initial child with measles was unvaccinated and acquired measles on a visit to Israel, where a large outbreak of the disease is occurring. Since then, there have been additional children from Brooklyn who were unvaccinated and acquired measles while in Israel. Children who did not travel were also infected in Brooklyn or Rockland County.

Lastly, two additional measles cases were confirmed in Clark County, WA, bringing the outbreak total to 38 since the beginning of the year. 34 of the cases were not vaccinated.