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Brazil is still below the measles vaccination target. According to the Ministry of Health, 47.08% of children received the vaccine in 2022, and the target for vaccination coverage is 95%.


Protection against measles is provided with the triple viral vaccine, which also immunizes against mumps and rubella (MMR), and is part of the vaccination schedule. The vaccine is offered at health units in the country at any time of the year.

The MMR is usually given in two doses. The first, taken at one year of age, and the second , at 15 months. The 2022 campaign started in January and runs until December this year. Coverage in 2021 was low, only 50.1% of the target audience in Brazil received the second dose of the MMR vaccine. 

One of the consequences of the fall in vaccination is the advancement of the disease. After being certified as a measles-free country by the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) in 2016, Brazil began to register, in recent years, the spread of the disease throughout the national territory. The Epidemiological Bulletin of the Ministry of Health shows more than 40,000 cases and 40 deaths caused by measles since 2018, more than half in children under 5 years old.