The number of Middle East Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus (MERS-CoV) cases in South Korea has risen by another 14, bringing the country total to 122, according to the Korean Centers for Disease Control (computer translated).

South Korea

In addition, it has been confirmed that one of the MERS patients is a pregnant woman. Health officials say although there is no specific treatment for MERS, the pregnancy will preclude the patient from receiving any antivirals of experimental treatments.

With some panic over the MERS outbreak and fears it will affect the country economically, the central bank in South Korea has lowered its key interest rate to an historic low as a precautionary measure.

According to a Time report, South Korea’s central bank lowered its seven-day repurchase rate to an unprecedented 1.5% Thursday, the fourth such reduction in 10 months.

Also on the economic front, the Korea Tourism Board reported more than 54,000 foreign travelers have also canceled planned trips to the country so far this month, all due to the virus outbreak.