An outbreak of aggressive herpes the city of Bocoyna in northern Mexico’s, Chihuahua state has affected at least 20 young children, according to an El Heraldo report (computer translated).


The children from the community of Santa Elena have sores and scabs mainly on the face. Some people is practically impossible to eat or sleep, as the lesions have spread them throughout the body.

“This is between 18 and 20 children who are fully infected, is very serious for some and urgently require attention health, “said Carrasco Enoé Jordan, Secretary of Development Great Indian Supreme Council of the Sierra Tarahumara.

In addition to the visible effects on health from the herpes, he said that there are other invisible effects due to the infection. “Regrettably, this level of involvement in children with very such painful wounds, particularly when eating, laughing, it running, sleeping, etc., because they hurt and bleed … “he concluded.

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