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Officials in Mexico saw a large increase in hospital-acquired infections (HAI) in 2021, according to a report.

Image by Silas Camargo Silão from Pixabay

Mexico reported 40,128 HAI cases in 2021, compared to 18,038 cases in 2020, an increase of 122.5 percent.

Hospital-acquired infections are recorded when a person enters a facility as a result of an injury or health problem, but during their stay they acquire an infection.

In Quintana Roo state, the growth was exponential with 1,267 cases counted last year compared to 31 in 2020. In Campeche, the state recorded a growth of 134.3 percent, going from 414 to 970.

In Yucatan, a 89 percent increase was reported in 2021.

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HAIs occur in hospitals due to various factors, such as lack of hygiene, as well as the negligence of doctors, nurses or cleaning employees; outbreaks of certain diseases that are not controlled, and the delay in timely detection of the disease also contribute to this type of infection.

The most frequent are those of surgical wounds, the urinary tract and the lower respiratory tract.

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