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Chickenpox cases increased considerably in Mexico. So far there are already 21,060 infections so far in 2022, compared to the previous year, in which registered 8,897 infections, which represents an increase of 137%.

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According to the latest Epidemiological Bulletin of the National Epidemiological Surveillance System, until August 20, 2022, the sum of chickenpox infections was 21,060 cases, of which 11,057 were registered in men and 10,003 in women.

Given these figures, the authorities and health specialists have asked the population to intensify precautions to avoid this condition and promote vaccination.

Among the recommendations made by the Ministry of Health are: Do not scratch to prevent vesicles from becoming infected, keep your hands and nails clean and avoid contact with pregnant women.

Chickenpox treatment consists of treating the itching and controlling the temperature and only
in cases where there is a higher risk of complications, with the prescription of a antiviral.