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The Ministry of Health confirmed the first imported case of monkeypox, detected in Mexico City. This is a 50-year-old man with mild symptoms, who is preventively isolated.

Mexico City
Image by Koen One Stop Map from Pixabay

The person is a permanent resident of New York City and was likely infected in the Netherlands.

Monkeypox is spread from person to person by direct contact. It is not spread by air, water or food. The efficiency of contagion is low, so there are generally isolated cases or small outbreaks, not generalized epidemics.

This disease develops in the first five days of exposure and resolves spontaneously between two and four weeks after the onset of symptoms. The first phase is characterized by fever, severe headache, lower back and muscle pain, as well as swollen glands and severe fatigue.

In the second phase, small blisters appear that generally start on the face and later spread to the rest of the body.

Diagnosis is made by polymerase chain reaction (PCR), in samples of skin lesions.

The Ministry of Health recommends that the population wash their hands frequently, with soap and water or an alcohol gel solution. When physically close to a sick person, wear a medical mask, especially if you are coughing or have mouth sores, wash clothing, towels, eating utensils, and sheets that have come into contact with the sick person, using lukewarm water and detergent.

Also clean and disinfect the spaces in which a sick person has been found and avoid close contact, especially with injuries; if they must be touched, wear gloves and dispose of properly. In case of symptoms, seek medical attention and do not approach other people.

Restrictions on travel and trade to or from countries where cases have been identified are not recommended.