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In Yucatan, during 2021, the lowest incidence of chickenpox was recorded in a decade (2012), due to the hygiene measures established to cut the transmission chain of COVID-19, according to the federal Ministry of Health.


In addition, in Mexico as a whole, it is one of the few pathologies that for the second year shows a decrease in incidence. The decrease was observed in the 32 states of the Mexican Republic.

The country registered 15,787 confirmed cases, with a decrease of 59% compared to the previous year, when the number was 38,490 infected.

Yucatan saw a decrease of 57 percent and in Campeche, the decrease was 68.4 percent.

The largest number of cases was recorded in the State of Mexico (1,620 cases, 10.26% of the total),
followed by Jalisco (1,261 cases, 7.99%) and Mexico City (1,201 cases, 7.61%).

Chickenpox (varicella) is easily passed from one person to another through the air by coughing or sneezing or through the fluid from a blister of a person who has chickenpox.  Although it is usually not a serious illness, it often causes children and their parents to miss days at school and work. Most cases of chickenpox in healthy children are treated with bed rest, fluids, and fever control.

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Chickenpox can be more severe and cause more complications in immunocompromised persons, children younger than 1 year of age and adults. Severe complications include bacterial skin infections, bloodstream infections, pneumonia, encephalitis (infection of the brain) and death.

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