Health officials in Mexico updated the current Zika virus situation Friday and it reveals that the count of confirmed cases has risen to 80, up from 50 cases reported Jan. 31, according to a government news release (computer translated).

Aedes mosquito
Aedes aegypti image/CDC

The breakdown of the cases by state is as follows: Chiapas (45), Oaxaca (25), Nuevo Leon (4), Guerrero (2), Jalisco (1), Sinaloa ( 1) Veracruz (1) Yucatán (1).

In addition, Mexican health officials report that six of the confirmed cases are pregnant women.  4 in the state of Chiapas, Oaxaca and 1 in 1 in Veracruz.

One pregnant woman infected with Zika virus from Pijijiapan, Chiapas was taken to a hospital equipped to deal with this difficult issue and the baby was assessed and confirmed to be clinically healthy.

The Federal Ministry of Health reports that the other five pregnant women are in good condition, they have been given specialized care with continuous monitoring.

Two of the women were more than 28 weeks gestation and no evidence of microcephaly was found in both cases.

The Ministry of Health reminds pregnant women:

  • Use long-sleeved pants and insect repellent.
  • Wash the containers in which you save water and cover them.
  • Flip buckets and bottles; throw what does not serve you and can accumulate water.
  • Keep doors closed and windows protected with mosquito nets.
  • Use sleeping pavilions.
  • Go to your prenatal checkups.