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The Mississippi State Department of Health (MSDH) reports continuous investigation of Candida auris
(C. auris) invasive infection and colonization in the state after identifying the first cases of locally
acquired C. auris in Mississippi in late November 2022.


As of a health alert network published on January 11, Mississippi officials reported a total of 6 cases of invasive infection, with 2 deaths, and 37 colonized individuals have been identified statewide in Mississippi since November 2022.

Ongoing transmission among residents within a central Mississippi long term acute care facility (LTAC) is occurring, accounting for 4 cases of invasive infection of C. auris , with 2 deaths, and 28 cases of C. auris colonization.

Potentially linked are an additional 5 cases of C. auris colonization that have been detected at a second LTAC in central Mississippi with evidence of transmission.

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Two further cases of C. auris invasive infection and an additional 4 cases of C. auris colonization have been reported from other healthcare facilities in the state, with at least 1 of the cases of invasive infection and 2 of the cases of colonization potentially linked to the ongoing transmission within the LTACs in central Mississippi.

This is a rapidly expanding and serious situation; additional cases of invasive infection and
colonization may be identified. MSDH continues to work with impacted facilities to provide infection control guidance and support surveillance and contact screening.