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According to the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC), in August 2021, a total of nine suspected monkeypox  cases, six confirmed cases and 0 deaths were reported from six states (one each from Rivers, Bayelsa, Delta, FCT, Niger and Ogun).

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This is up from the four confirmed cases reported in July.

In 2021, 79 suspected cases have been reported between January and August 31, 2021. Of the suspected
cases, 23 were confirmed from eight states Delta (7), Lagos (4), Bayelsa (4), Rivers (4), Edo (1), FCT (1), Niger (1), Ogun (1) and, no deaths recorded from all States.

Since September 2017,when Nigeria saw a return of monkeypox, a total of 493 suspected cases have been reported, including eight deaths, from 31 states in the country

Monkeypox, a rare zoonosis that occurs sporadically in forested areas of Central and West Africa, is an orthopoxvirus that can cause fatal illness.

The disease manifestations are similar to human smallpox (eradicated since 1980), however human monkeypox is less severe. The disease is self-limiting with symptoms usually resolving within 14–21 days. Treatment is supportive.

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The virus is transmitted through direct contact with blood, bodily fluids and cutaneous/mucosal lesions of an infected animals (rats, squirrels, monkeys, dormice, striped mice, chimpanzees amongst others rodents) Secondary human-to-human transmission is limited but can occur via exposure to respiratory droplets, contact with infected persons or contaminated materials.

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