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The interim governor of Maniema, Afani Idrissa Mangala, declared this past Thursday, December 09, 2021, a monkeypox outbreak  in the province of the Democratic Republic of the Congo.


A total of 24 deaths linked to this epidemic have been recorded in the Tundu health zone in Kibombo territory in the southern part of Maniema.

Mangala said:

The Tunda health zone in Kibombo territory has already notified 191 cases including 24 deaths from Monkeypox. During the 40th week, the samples taken in the health areas of Wenga, Utshu and Weta were sent to the National Institute for Biomedical Research for analyzes, the results of which confirm the epidemic ”

He is seeking support from the central government and technical and financial partners to fight this epidemic.

It should be remembered that this new epidemic is the second to be declared in the space of a month in Maniema after a measles outbreak.